Thank you for considering a donation to our church

We now have a new, easy way to make a donation. Just make a simple e-tranfer from your own banking site using Interac®. You can do it anytime and without leaving your chair.

Making a donation by Interac® e-Transfer is easy!

  • Go to the Interac® payment option on your bank’s website.
  • Enter “Christian Science Church” or even “CS Church” (the blank is probably too small for our full name) as the recipient of the e-transfer. If your banking site requires you to specify a first and last name for the Interac® recipient break our name up any way you like.
  • What’s really important is that you enter this special email address,, to further identify the church as the recipient.
  • Specify the amount of your donation.
  • Important: Be sure to indicate your name, your email address and the word “Donation” in the Comments section of the Interac® form so that we can send you a tax receipt at the end of the year.
  • (Unlike Interac® transfers to individuals, you do not have to specify a security question and answer. If your banking site requests that you supply a security question, go ahead. It will get stripped out later, no worries.)
  • An email notification will automatically be sent to the church.
  • You will get an email response indicating that your donation has been successfully received.
    How secure is an Interac® e-Transfer?

    Email messages are only used to notify the church that it has been sent a payment. The funds are not transferred through email, they are transferred through established Canadian banking channels that have been employed for years, like the method banks use for cashing cheques.

    Interac® and the Interac® logo are registered trade-marks
    of Interac Corp. Used under license.


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